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Flamboro Racing suspended as of December 20, 2020 11:59PM

December 19, 2020 - As a result of the announcement on December 18, 2020 from the Ontario provincial government that certain businesses in certain regions, such as casinos and racetracks, will be restricted further operationally, GCGC suspended racing operations at Flamboro Downs as of Sunday, December 20, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Details regarding the reopening of Flamboro Downs will be announced at a later date.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) issued the 2021 Race Date Schedule on Wednesday December, 23, 2020. 132 dates have been approved for Flamboro Downs to be raced 3 days/week from January thru May and then 4 days a week from September thru December 2021. Dates on the 2021 calendar include dates that have been scheduled during the current lockdown phase. As of December 26, 2020, the lockdown phase for the Hamilton, Ontario region is set at 28 days thru January 22, 2021.

Click here to see the schedule:
FD-2021RaceDates (pdf)

Stretch Drive panorama
Date Key  Headline
December 21, 2020 SC Flamboro Racing Temporarily Suspended
December 20, 2020 SC Ideal Jet Romps At Flamboro
December 15, 2020 SC Yes Answers The Call At Flamboro
December 13, 2020 SC Cyclone Joe Scoots To Flamboro Score
December 8, 2020 SC Refi Rolls In Flamboro Preferred
December 6, 2020 SC P L Jackson Glides To Flamboro Win
December 1, 2020 SC Power And Grace Glides At Flamboro
November 29, 2020 SC Major Hill Holds In Flamboro Preferred
November 24, 2020 SC Power And Grace First At Flamboro
November 22, 2020 SC Major Hill Massive At Flamboro
November 17, 2020 SC In Secret Coasts At Flamboro
November 16, 2020 SC Jay Eye Em Coasts At Flamboro
November 15 2020 SC Increased Covid-19 Safety Measures At Flamboro
November 14, 2020 SC Emotions Durables Wins Flamboro RUS
November 10, 2020 SC Preferred Double Bill At Flamboro
November 8, 2020 SC Hes Got Swagger Upsets At Flamboro
November 3, 2020 SC Veyron Victorious At Flamboro
November 1, 2020 SC Pro Beach Best At Flamboro
October 27, 2020 SC The Fixer First At Flamboro
October 25, 2020 SC Wildcat Delight Wins Autumn Series Final
October 24, 2020 SC Bucky's Angel In Autumn Blowout
October 20, 2020 SC Bastiano's Best In Flamboro Preferred
October 19, 2020 SC Classylaneprecious Quickest In Autumn Series
October 18 2020 SC Buckys Angel Best In Autumn Series
October 14, 2020 SC Bastiano Upsets In Flamboro Preferred
October 12, 2020 SC Flamboro Touchdown For Cullen
October 11, 2020 SC Buckys Angel In Autumn Series Blowout
October 7, 2020 SC Macho Martini Rebounds In Gold
October 6, 2020 SC Sicario Scores At Flamboro
October 4, 2020 SC Flamboro Hosts OSS Freshman Finale
September 29 2020 SC Preferred Upset For Saulsbrook Jessie
September 28 2020 SC Massive Flirt Trots To Track Record in Gold OSS
September 27 2020 SC Sicario Scores At Flamboro
September 22 2020 SC YS Tallia Wins Amid Accident
September 21 2020 SC Five Straight In Grassroots For Wildcard
September 20 2020 SC In Secret Soars In Flamboro Preferred
September 17 2020 SC Flamboro Cancels After Race#3; OSS and Prospect Rescheduled
September 15 2020 SC Watch My Luck Lunges At Flamboro
September 13 2020 SC Power And Grace Glides At Flamboro
September 8 2020 SC Brodys Scrapper Scoots To Flamboro Win
September 6 2020 SC Dawson Springs Digs In At Flamboro
September 3 2020 SC Prospect Series Featured At Flamboro
March 1 2020 SC Encarnacion Crushes Flamboro Foes
February 27 2020 SC Preferred Win For Buttermilk Hanover
February 20 2020 SC Lady London Repeats; Daigneault Triples
February 16 2020 SC Caviars Triumph Rushes To Flamboro Win
February 13 2020 SC Flamboro Feature To Lady London
February 9 2020 SC Irish Thunder Rolls At Flamboro
February 6 2020 SC Flamboro Feature To Buttermilk Hanover
February 2 2020 SC Encarnacion Kicks To Flamboro Win
January 30 2020 SC Class Act Goes Out A winner
January 26 2020 SC Jay Eye Em Swoops To Flamboro Score
January 23 2020 SC Preferred Score For Sweet Ana Hanover
January 16 2020 SC Flamboro Feature To Tables Big Secret
January 12 2020 SC Glider Man Marches At Flamboro
January 11 2020 SC Henriksen Wins Three At Flamboro
January 9 2020 SC 'Amethyst' Upsets In Flamboro Preferred
January 4 2020 SC Fire Survivor returns To Winner's Circle
January 2 2020 SC 'Buttermilk' Powers Up The Passing Lane