Racing News

All race dates now have a post time of 6:35PM. The new post time positions the racing product to maximize coverage throughout the simulcast network, thus allowing us to showcase the excitement that Ontario harness racing has to offer.

flamboro downs will play host to numerous Ontario Sires Stakes races showcasing the best in Ontario harness racing. The highlight of the meet will be the 41st edition of the Confederation Cup, which is scheduled to be contested on May 19, 2019.

-To read more about the decision click HERE (PDF document)
-To read details about the 2018 fall meet click HERE (SC)

Stretch Drive panorama
Date Key  Headline
December 8, 2018 SC The Joy Luck Club Cruises
December 6, 2018 SC Escuela Schools Them
December 5, 2018 SC Uptown Funk Livin' It Up
December 2, 2018 SC Drunkonaplane Flies In Preferred
December 1, 2018 SC 'Imahotvixen' Victorious At Flamboro
November 30, 2018 SC Fork Upsets Flamboro Trotters
November 28, 2018 SC He's Got Swagger Perfect At Flamboro
November 25, 2018 SC Toot Toot Scoops Flamboro Preferred
November 24, 2018 SC Sodwana Bay Best At Flamboro
November 22, 2018 SC Henry & Lachance Sweep Preferred
November 21, 2018 SC Oh Ok Man Lifts Late At Flamboro
November 19, 2018 SC Toot Toot Scoots In Flamboro Preferred
November 17, 2018 SC The Joy Luck Club Cashes At Flamboro
November 15, 2018 SC Vesuvio Bi Prevails In Preferred
November 14, 2018 SC Jack Of Clubs Trumps Flamboro Pacers
November 11, 2018 SC Senior Market Cashes At Flamboro
November 10, 2018 SC Sodwana Bay Upsets Flamboro preferred
November 7, 2018 SC Supersport Repeats In Flamboro Feature
November 5, 2018 SC Acting Out Wires Flamboro Preferred
November 3, 2018 SC Casino Classic Cruises At Flamboro
November 1, 2018 SC Supersport Super In Flamboro Feature
October 28, 2018 SC Flamboro Preferred To Drunkonaplane
October 27, 2018 SC MacKenzie Mastery At Flamboro
October 25, 2018 SC Flamboro Preferred To Rama's Last Son
October 24, 2018 SC He's Got Swagger Perfect For Cullen
October 22, 2018 SC National Debt Darts To Preferred Win
October 21, 2018 SC Ride Away Shark Repeats At Flamboro
October 18, 2018 SC 'Kate' Clicks In Flamboro Preferred
October 17, 2018 SC 1000 Driving Wins For Henry; Autumn Series Upset
October 14, 2018 SC Ride Away Shark Upsets Preferred
October 11, 2018 SC Sportsline Repeats In Autumn Series
October 10, 2018 SC Caretaker Appreciation Events Hosted
October 7, 2018 SC Autumn Series Continues At Flamboro
October 4, 2018 SC Preferred Repeat For Absolut Seelster
October 3, 2018 SC Sportsline Romps In Autumn Series
September 30, 2018 SC Favourites Flourish In Flamboro Preferred
September 27, 2018 SC Absolut Seelster Rolls To Preferred Score
September 25, 2018 SC Prices Prominent in OSS At Flamboro
September 24, 2018 SC Autumn Series Eligibles Lists
September 20, 2018 SC Stormont Kate Clings For Flamboro Win
September 15, 2018 SC Artofficial Wins Flamboro Preferred
September 13, 2018 SC Flamboro Preferred To Chestnut Schofield
September 10, 2018 SC Artofficial Flavor Tastes Victory At Flamboro
September 9, 2018 SC Ride Away Shark Sharp In Preferred
September 6, 2018 SC The Win Streak is Two for 'Huw'
September 4, 2018 SC Neon Moon Abuzz At Flamboro
September 3, 2018 SC Sports Column Prevails In Preferred
August 28, 2018 SC flamboro racing returns Saturday September 1
August 16, 2018 SC Changes To Flamboro's Fall 2018 Meet
August 10, 2018 SC New Fall 2018 Ontario Sired Series
May 31, 2018 SC Flamboro Preferred To Majestic Kat
May 28, 2018 SC Flamboro Billings To Sgrignouli, Eas Ideal
May 24, 2018 SC Totally Ripped Takes Flamboro Preferred
May 20, 2018 SC Filibuster Hanover Wins confederation cup 40
May 18, 2018 SC Flamboro Set For Confederation Cup