Racing News

Track closed for training until February 25

With the forecasted warm temperatures, Flamboro Downs has made the decision to cancel training for the remainder of this week to allow for additional track maintenance. Training will resume on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

Flamboro Downs: 19+ Facility

We have made a significant investment in our gaming and entertainment facilities, and we are eager to share them with our guests. These enhancements include the addition of new gaming and entertainment amenities and the addition of approximately 100 new jobs. In order to accommodate these new enhancements, Flamboro Downs is now a 19+ entertainment destination.

All ages are still welcome to enjoy live racing on the tarmac and will have access to washroom facilities.

Stretch Drive panorama
Date Key  Headline
February 16 2020 SC Caviars Triumph Rushes To Flamboro Win
February 13 2020 SC Flamboro Feature To Lady London
February 9 2020 SC Irish Thunder Rolls At Flamboro
February 6 2020 SC Flamboro Feature To Buttermilk Hanover
February 2 2020 SC Encarnacion Kicks To Flamboro Win
January 30 2020 SC Class Act Goes Out A winner
January 26 2020 SC Jay Eye Em Swoops To Flamboro Score
January 23 2020 SC Preferred Score For Sweet Ana Hanover
January 16 2020 SC Flamboro Feature To Tables Big Secret
January 12 2020 SC Glider Man Marches At Flamboro
January 11 2020 SC Henriksen Wins Three At Flamboro
January 9 2020 SC 'Amethyst' Upsets In Flamboro Preferred
January 4 2020 SC Fire Survivor returns To Winner's Circle
January 2 2020 SC 'Buttermilk' Powers Up The Passing Lane
December 31, 2019 SC Pound Sterling Stuns At Flamboro
December 22, 2019 SC Willyorwonthe Wins Flamboro feature
December 18, 2019 SC Tables Big Secret Upsets
December 15, 2019 SC Absolut Seelster Slides To Victory
December 11, 2019 SC Tilikum Upsets At Flamboro
December 8, 2019 SC Beachin Lundy Lunges To Win At Flamboro
December 4, 2019 SC Significance Reaches At Flamboro
December 1, 2019 SC Pro Beach Breezes in Flamboro Preferred
November 30, 2019 SC Three For Demers At Flamboro
November 27, 2019 SC Tables Big Secret Wins Preferred
November 26, 2019 SC Conboyville Victorious In Autumn Series
November 24, 2019 SC Susies Lady Large In Autumn Series
November 20, 2019 SC Buttermilk Hanover Strikes Again
November 18, 2019 SC Sunshine N Sharp At Flamboro
November 16, 2019 SC Susies Lady Poised For Autumn Sweep
November 14, 2019 SC Buttermilk Hanover Circles The Field
November 13, 2019 SC 'Angel', 'Euro' Score At Flamboro
November 10, 2019 SC Susies Lady Large In Autumn Series
November 6, 2019 SC The Joy Luck Club Repeats At Flamboro
November 3 , 2019 SC Ionia Upsets Flamboro Preferred
October 30, 2019 SC Buttermilk Hanover Back To Back
October 27, 2019 SC Pretty Handsome Hustles At Flamboro
October 25, 2019 SC Thursday Triple For Darveaux
October 23, 2019 SC Buttermilk Hanover Reaches At Flamboro
October 21, 2019 SC Brodys Scrapper Scoots To Flamboro Win
October 18, 2019 SC Preferred Upset For Outlaw Imahotvixen
October 16, 2019 SC Twice An Angel Wires Flamboro Foes
October 13, 2019 SC Favourites First In Flamboro Features
October 12, 2019 SC Caretaker Appreciation Day Photos
October 10, 2019 SC Flamboro Feature To Buttermilk Hanover
October 9, 2019 SC Arya Stark Best In Flamboro Feature
October 6, 2019 SC Hes Got Swagger Swift At Flamboro
October 4, 2019 SC Ride Away Shark By A Snout
October 2, 2019 SC OSS Fillies Featured At Flamboro
September 30, 2019 SC Big Rich Rips Home At Flamboro
September 29, 2019 SC Shepherd Rolls A Five
September 24, 2019 SC Azure Seelster Strolls at Flamboro
September 23, 2019 SC Sunny Dee Dominates OSS Gold
September 22, 2019 SC Absolut Seelster Strolls At Flamboro
September 19, 2019 SC Better Than Boots Lifts, Upsets
September 17, 2019 SC Outlaw Imahotvixen Victorious At Flamboro
September 15, 2019 SC Its Huw You Know Ignites Tote Board
September 8, 2019 SC Toot Toot N Upsets Flamboro Preferred
September 3, 2019 SC Flamboro Resumes 2019 Live Racing Season
May 20, 2019 SC Done Well Wins 41st Confederation Cup